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List of Holidays During the year 2020 for Administrative Offices of Central Government Located at delhi / New Delhi

S.NO Holiday Date MSake Date Day
1 Republic Day January-26 Magha 06 Sunday
2 Holi March-10 Phalguna 20 Tuesday
3 Ram Navami April-02 Chaltra 13 Thursday
4 Mahavir Jayanti April-06 Chaltra 17 Monday
5 Good Friday April-10 Chaltra 21 Friday
6 Budha Purnima May-07 Vaisakha 17 Thursday
7 Id-ul-Fitr May-25 Jyaishtha 04 Monday
8 Id-ul-Zuha- (Bakrid) August-01 Sarvana 10 Saturday
9 Janmashtami August-12 Sarvana 21 Wednesday
10 Independence Day August-15 Sarvana 24 Saturday
11 Muharram August-30 Bhadra 08 Sunday
12 Mahatma Gandhi's October-02 Asvina 10 Friday
13 Dussehra October-25 Kartika 03 Sunday
14 Milad-un-Nabi or id-e-Milad
(Birthday of Prophet Mohammand)
October-30 Kartika 08 Friday
15 Diwali (Deepavali) November-14 Kartika 23 Saturday
16 Guru Nanak's Birthday November-30 Agrahayana 09 Monday
17 Christmas Day December-25 Pausha 04 Friday
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